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About Us

Let’s just say you may never have heard of a family-owned corporation in health care.

You have now!

We created Beyond Family not out of greed, but for the love of caring for others.

As a beloved daughter who decided to follow in my mother’s footsteps by pursuing a career in the health care field as a PSW, I have spent more than 20 years in the health care field in nursing homes and personal home care.  My mother has been my inspiration behind the creation of this company.  Mom was in the health care field, a career that spanned almost 40 years,  she worked in many disciplines in Hospital, Home Care, Nursing Home, and Head Nurse at a doctor’s office. She always wanted to make a difference and she is still providing her guidance and experience to our new venture.

But we never liked the set up in the companies we worked for, they did not communicate the most important part of what we needed to do with a client – what they needed to make their day!   We have decided that we were not going to rush the process of learning who our clients are, what their specific needs are, and how we can best meet those needs.

We learned that the best care provided is a care team that knows the client best. We provide you with the same caregiver or team on the same shift every day, taking care of that same client until they are able to manage on their own.

We are very detail-oriented in collecting a full picture of a client.  We assess client behaviors, eating habits, and any new medical issues that may need to be referred to a doctor.

We have a long family history of relatives in health care.  They have provided us with common, sensible advice:  one of which has become our motto:  treat each client as an individual and respect them as human beings, by ensuring that their body, mind, and soul are looked after.

We’ve had our own experiences on the receiving end of health care.

At Beyond Family, we decided to raise the bar on health care standards – even higher than what is regulated by the government.   Bringing our combined family experiences and multicultural experiences and love for helping others to the table will ensure your loved ones will get the very best care. We all have the same passion for taking care of others. If we added up our working experience, it would be over 64 years!